Sign the Open Letter in support of better welfare conditions for decapod crustaceans used for food

Increasing scientific evidence each year supports the assertion that decapod crustaceans, including lobsters, crabs, shrimp, and prawns are sentient beings capable of experiencing suffering and pain. It is our stance that more nations should recognise this scientific consensus and institute regulations targeted at minimising their suffering throughout the seafood supply chain.

We are calling on all experts in animal welfare and sentience, including veterinarians, biologists, and bioethicists to sign this letter and be part of the change. This letter could be pivotal in achieving lasting changes in policy at national and international levels.

There is substantial scientific evidence that decapod crustaceans, such as lobsters and shrimp, feel pain. Despite recognition from authoritative bodies like the European Food Safety Authority and the British Veterinary Association, legal protections for these creatures, including within the European Union, are inadequate. Only a few nations globally, like Switzerland and New Zealand, have enacted measures to alleviate their suffering. This is a call for more countries to adopt tailored regulations considering the specific needs of these creatures, including humane handling and slaughter practices. Acknowledging their sentience and implementing precise regulations are crucial to minimising their suffering and promoting informed animal welfare practices based on the latest scientific findings.

Read the Open Letter here (translations currently available in: Italian and Japanese) and fill in the form below to sign it.

This initiative is brought forward by Animal Law Italia ETS. For further information, contact Dr Lorenzo Fruscella from Animal Law Italia at [email protected].

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